Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Teacher's Pay Teachers Tip

Did you know that if you order something at Teachers Pay Teachers, unless that seller has removed it, that you can always go back and download it.  What's more, if the seller updates it, you can get those updates (however, you can't get back to the old version...so make sure to check and see if anything was LOST in the new update before deleting the old copy). 

You can find what's been updated by browsing your purchases and looking for Newly Revised Re-Download.

I learned this month that a calendar I had bought for 2015-16 was now updated for 2017-18, and I found several other things with new additions.   A few of the updates were things I've shared in the past, so wanted to

Print Path

Calendar Centers have been updated for 2016-17 AND there are some new activity pages!

Lowercase at Last has a new "Award" page for completing the whole workbook.

Dr. Daves Science - Science of Egypt
The Science of Egypt bundle now has worksheets (but doesn't have the mummy experiments and Nile project it used to, so keep the old versions too).  If you bought an individual Science of Egypt unit (such as Pyramids or Animals, several of these been updated with worksheets too).