Monday, May 2, 2016

Pinterest Guide

Hello!  I expect you thought that link would take you right to my pinterest profile.  But you see, because I've been doing Pinterest a LOT LONGER than I've been homeschooling, my homeschooling stuff is buried down deep on my boards.  This should help you find all the homeschool stuff more easily.

Homeschooling Boards

Imaginative Homeschool

Homeschool (General Homeschooling Stuff Board) 

Computers Typing and Coding




History - SOTW Vol 2 - Middle Ages to Early Renaissance

History - SOTW Vol 3 - 1600 to 1850

History - SOTW Vol 4 - 1850 to Now

Language Arts

Lit 6th Grade




Art 4 Kids

Middle School Homeschool Ideas

Handwriting With Tears Supplementary Resources

Sign Language

Spanish Learning

Spanish Jokes

Learning Chinese

HS Unit Studies

Cooking Science

Space (Unit Study)

Dinosaurs (Unit Study)

Cave Science (Unit Study)

Vikings (Unit Study)

New England (Unit Study/Trip Plan)

New York (Unit Study/Trip Plan)


Habitats - Oceans (Unit Study)

Bible 4 Kids

Home Prep (for kids)

Online Learning

Homeschool Planning

Homeschool Assessment Tools

Homeschool Bloggers 

Handwriting Without Tears Compatible Resources

HS Used and Loved (Curriculum/Resources) 

Educational (not just homeschooling)

VBS Boards
Lots of stuff to use for homeschool history here, cause our VBS is like Biblical historical reenactment. 

VBS Egypt

VBS Wilderness

VBS Rome

VBS Galilee & Nazareth

VBS Persia

VBS Future Ideas

Other Kids Boards

Kids Crafts

Fun for Kids

Fun for Kids - Outdoors

4 The Boys


Homemaking/Parenting Related


Looks Delicious (recipes)

IS Delicious (recipes I've actually tried)

Fun With Food (cutesy stuff you can do with food)



Thanks to SassyDeals for the cute pinterest graphic!

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