Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year in Review + Top Posts of 2016

What a year!   My husband changed jobs, and last spring I briefly spent some time substitute teaching again.  We finished our second year of homeschool, started our third. 

I went briefly from a homeschooler of one to a homeschooler of two at the end of the summer...which sadly, didn't go as well.   My middle child wanted to try homeschooling, but for various reasons he was only going to homeschool for a year before returning to public school, and after a trial month it wasn't going as well as it needed to (because of me, not him), and he ended up returning to public school.   If we had more wiggle room...more time to ease into to it without heading back so soon I might have stuck with it, and I still wonder if I should have.  But he's been doing well back in public school, and I think it was what was best for our family.

We started co-op with me teaching my first class there (a short, three week class on Ships and the Sea...which was so fun.  I grew up on a boat so it was right up my alley).

We went from "at our own very slow pace" Story of the World to doing it with a group doing two chapters a week.  It's been a year of trying new things.

My homeschooled son has gone from a boy who hated reading to falling in love with Piggie and Elephant books, even CHOOSING to do his reading first in stead of putting it off til last.  Woo hoo!  We still have so long to go but that's some progress I can get excited about.

And of course there was this blog. While it officially started December 2015, I didn't really start working on in it earnest until this August this year.   My most popular posts of this year were...

Funny thing I noticed when researching that little list...since August I've had visitors every day (at least a few), except one...Christmas day.   And that makes my heart glad.  I appreciate all of you who visit and read my blog, but that's a good day to NOT be reading blog posts...*grin*.   I hope you all had a precious, wonderful time with your family this Christmas, and have a happy, happy, new year!