Monday, February 27, 2017

Freebie Faves

I love sharing free resoruces.  Here are my favorite recent freebies.  Make sure to also check out our full free curriculum list here.


Future Flying Saucers Bible Lessons 
Most of the lessons/resources in her store are free!

35 Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Faith Like Joseph Coloring Pages

10 Commandments Booklet

Character First Sample Lessons/Activities (secular resource)
Haven't been through all of these but seems like some good lesson resources.


Anatomy & Physiology,  Logic of Medicine (Expires 3/31)
FULL YEAR online high school science courses.


Cut and Paste Addition Practice
If you don't actually "paste" these can be kept in baggies and reused over and over for practice, so they can be worth the ink.

Language Arts

Contraction Dominoes


Reading Passage and STEM Project - Design a Playground
Has a story and science project.   Work on Language Arts and science simultaneously?  LOVE IT!

Feelings Faces
A fun way explore emotions with your kids.

American Sign Language Alphabet Flash Cards