Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Story of the World: Our Lessons Plans

I am starting a series where I share our Story of the World adventures.   I will share how we tweaked the reading and lessons for my son, a visual learner with a short attention span, through the first 6 chapters Volume 1.  That is how far we got on our lessons before I learned that our co-op would be covering this same material the following year, so we paused for a time and will see how he does learning through Story of the World at a new pace.  Our first lessons were very slow, but in co-op we  will be doing two chapters a week!  But he's a little older with a bit longer attention span now, so I'm hopeful, and excited about doing this with a group.  I look forward to sharing our journey with you, and hope you find some of our experience helpful to your journey as well!

All of my Story of the World posts will be linked below, once they're published.


Each post will be linked as it is added

How Do We Know What Happened
- What Is History
- What is Archaeology

Chap 1
The Earliest People
- The First Nomads
- The First Nomads Become Farmers

Chap 2
Egyptians Lived on the Nile River
- Two Kingdoms Become One
- Gods of Ancient Egypt

Chap 3
The First Writing

Chap 4
The Old Kingdom of Egypt
- Making Mummies
- Egyptian Pyramids

Chap 5
The First Sumerian Dictator

Chap 6
- The Jewish People

Chap 7
- Hammurabi and the Babylonians

Chap 8
- The Assyrians

Chap 9
The First Cities of India
- The River Road
- The Mystery of Mohenjo-Daro

(Will be adding more chapters soon...below are some outlines for later chapters)

Chapter 18 - 25 (Ancient Greece)
For now, I'm just sharing a outline of the resources I used for these chapters.

So sorry for the incomplete list for now.  I will be working on getting up more of these during the summer.  I realize that anyone using the posts for my early chapters will be long past those by then, and I'm so sorry about that.  I did put up a more skeletal outline of what we did for Ancient Greece, which hopefully some of you who were following since my early chapters may still be able to use. 

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  1. How great! I love reading what others are doing with Story of the World! We are also using it and have been taking our time to go through it.

    1. I'm the same way. I love too see all the creative things people do with it.

  2. How great that you coop is working with Story of the World. I love that you are posting what you have been adding to the lessons to engage your child. Having ADHD kiddos myself, this would have been very helpful to read when I was going through this same book.

    1. Thanks. So how did your kids do with Story of the World? Did you do anything to supplement that worked well? If so, I'd love to hear about it...maybe try out some of your ideas.

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    1. I am sorry I have been so slow about adding more chapters (and sorry I missed your comment earlier). I was finding it hard to keep up with both homeschool and blogging...and planned to add the rest come summer. Where are you in SOTW? I did make an outline for what we did in ancient Greece...it doesn't have all the paragraph by paragraph info, but it does have the extra resources/videos we used with it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oxjmtCoHHP1tsROwG08lcTptBBCC9sVBLSlt4zlA_uM/edit?usp=sharing