Thursday, June 15, 2017

Story of the World - Vol 1 - Ch 8 - The Assyrians

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  I suggest looking for the books mentioned at your local library.

For this chapter we supplemented by looking at pictures about Assyria from DK Mesopotamia.   I split up the first section, Shamshi-Adad, King of the Whole World, in two, reading paragraphs 1-8 on one day, and 9 -14 the next day.

We also watched the rest of this video on ancient Mesopotamia that we first started when we were reading about Sumer in chapter 5.  It has a lot on the Assyrians as well, and is just an excellent video for kids (it comes from a Christian perspective).

For the section on The Story of Gilgamesh, I found a beautifully illustrated series of children's books telling the expanded story. 

I decided to only read the first one, Gilgamesh the King, because my son doesn't do extremely well with sad endings and it left off on a more positive note than the other two (and the Story of the World retelling) .

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  1. Isn't it nice to tailor an education to our child instead of the other way around? Thanks for sharing this section of Story of the World.

    1. It sure is! That's exactly why I homeschool. :-)