Monday, May 29, 2017

Story of the World: Vol 1 - Chap 5 - The First Sumarian Dictator

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  I suggest looking for the books mentioned at your local library. 

For Chapter 5 we actually managed to do all the reading on one day.  So why it divided in two days below?  Because we watched a movie on the other day.  

Day 1
The day before we read Chapter 5 in Story of the World we watched the first half of this video (stopping right after the part on cuneiform, at minute 14:40...the rest we are saving for future chapters). It covered  some things we had already learned about Mesopotamia, and added some new things.  This video is aimed at kids and very engaging and well done, from a Christian perspective.

Day 2

For this chapter I supplemented with DK Eyewitness Book: Mesopotamia, a book we used often during the first half of our SOTW: Ancient Times study.

First I prepared some Mesopotamian snacks (pistachios and grapes...I wanted pomegranates but they were out at the store).  I brought out the cuneiform tablet we had done during Chap 3 of Story on the World to have on the table since this chapter mentions that again.

Story of the World Reading

Paragraph 1 -2
I read through the first sentence in the second paragraph, then we stopped and found Egypt and Mesopotamia on the map.  I guestured to the cunieform we had done when it was mentioned, and before paragraph 3 we stopped and looked at  pages 16 -17 in DK Eyewitness Book: Mesopotamia, pointing out the houses people lived in and what they wore, and the foods they ate.  Then I brought out the snack.  My son said he didn't want to eat the pistachios at first but I convinced him to try one, and as soon as he ate it he said "These are the best things, EVER!"

Paragraph 3 - End of Chapter
While he ate we read on, and when Sargon was mentioned we looked at the picture of Sargon on pg 22 of Mesopotamia, (see other visuals online you can use if you don't have that book).   I was going to also  have him do a Dot to Dot puzzle I found on Sargon online to keep his hands busy while I read the rest of the SOTW chaper,  but he was happy snacking so I let that go.

We also read the bit on that page about Sargon's daughter being the first named author in history. 


When it came to activities, my son wasn't interested in any this day, but you can find some good ones at the following links.

1.  Make a Cylinder Seal
With Clay or Playdough, With Foam Stickers

2.  Play The Royal Game of Ur

3.  Build a Ziggurat in Legos

4.  Draw a Ziggurat

4.  Make a Mesopotamian House

(in addition to those in the SOTW Activity Book)



Sargon Head - (Public Domain) 

  • Mesopotamian Army - The first section shows models of the army of UR, and the second section shows models of Sargon's Army.  These look like they are pretty accurate.
  • Sargon (Artistic Interpretation + Historical Statue)
  • Sargon (Cute Cartoon, but definitely historically based)
  • Sargon (More realistic cartoon...not sure if outfit is historical)

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Story of the World: Vol 1 - Ch 4 - Pyramids

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Mostly for books, which I suggest looking for at your local library.

I'll have to be honest...after the first few chapters I was having trouble blogging AND planning and actually, you know....homeschooling.  So I took a break though I kept taking notes...mostly.

You see, I sort of missed this section.  Sorry.  No paragraph by paragraph rundown this time.   Though, for the first couple paragraphs, I do suggest searching pinterest for mastaba tomb pictures...there's plenty.  And any non-fiction picture book on Egypt should have plenty of pictures of pyramids, including illustrations of the inside of the great pyramid.  However, if you want a book JUST about pyramids, I suggest this one.....

Now, I do remember the activities we did.

First, we watched a video about one recent theory about how the pyramids were made (I made sure to mention that it was only one of many, but we didn't try to go through all the theories).  On that same site there's a link to an interactive program (thatrequired 3D glasses and some downloadable we didn't do that, but it might be fun).  There's another cute video here that's a little more kid-friendly.

Next we built a pyramid out of legos...with an extra addition to the top.

Other Subject Tie Ins: 3D SHAPES
Since this lesson deals with pyramids, and the next lesson activity suggestion was "cylinder seals"  I thought this would be a great time to learn about 3D shapes.

We covered one shape a day (starting with pyramids and cylinders with the related SOTW chapters), then moving on to unrelated shapes like cubes and spheres.  We would color a page in a printable book, make the 3D paper shape every day and then practice drawing it, using simple online tutorials when necessary.

3D Shapes Printable Book

3D Shapes Printable Book (For Older Kids)

3D Egyptian Style Pyramid Foldable

3D Shapes Foldables

We also read this story involving Egypt and a mystery solved using 3D shapes...

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Freebie Faves

Some of my favorite recent freebies found online...resources worth the ink!


Book:  What Happened in Colonial Times
Collections of short historical biographies that read like fiction.  Available for a limited time.  I've read through these and they are great!   (Christian perspective).

Science and Nature

Bee Life Cycle Book (check and see if still free)

Metals Unit Study

Language Arts

Use Lazer Pointers to Teach Tracking

Full Poetry Unit (through 6/15 Only)


Multiplication Rhyme Flash Cards
Uses rhyme to teach the facts...just a sampling, but enough to try with your kiddo and see if you want to buy the whole set.

Math Fact Addition Strategy Sorting
A strategy practive activity that will also teach you (the teacher) about addition strategies (if you weren't familiar with them)

Skip Counting Dot to Dot Motorcycle

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angeland Freebie Pack

Investigating Angles and Triangles

Measuring Angles Puzzle


Map Skills Booklet


Sign Language Number Mazes