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Story of the World - Vol 1 - Ch 6 - The Jewish People

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Usually I do separate posts for each sub-chapter, but since we used mostly the same resources for all the sub-sections of this chapter I'm combining them into one post.  We took a long break at this time to not just study the two Bible stories covered in Story of the World,  but many other old testament Bible stories not covered here (you can see how we integrated those with Story of the World here).    And we ended up doing some of the stories twice because I went over them a second time when we did these with our co-op our second year covering Volume 1 (in fact, this was the last chapter we did our first year, by ourselves, not with our the rest of the chapters will be at a little different pace, as my son was able to handle more reading with less adjustments to hold his attention the second year we did this).  We didn't do all the activities listed, but I listed a few others that also looked interesting for your use.

I love the writing in Story of the World.  However you should know it  incorporate some extra-Biblical information (SOTW pulled in some information contained elsewhere about Abrams father's worship of other Gods, and used that as a way to talk about some of the religious practices in Ur)

The SOTW version story of Joseph left out some of the story of Joseph, including the tests with his brothers...which I understand as they could be confusing and make the story longer.  But I wanted to include that and talk about why he might not have trusted his he wanted to make sure his little brother Benjamin was safe and this was a way to make sure of that.  So, on both counts I used text from other Bible stories below to teach these passages in stead of Story of the World.

Books We Used:

The Jesus Storybook Bible
My mother bought this book and CD set for us years ago....and I love it.  It's a beautiful collection of Bible stories that show how all the stories are really ONE story...a Love story about how God rescued his people.  It's gentle and perfect for younger children, but brings out aspects of the stories that even adults can learn from.  I suggest buying the version with the audio CD, as David Suchet's reading of this story is really wonderful (my oldest listened to these tapes over and over...he couldn't get enough of them).   You can also purchase just the book by itself or get it with the animated movie version of this on DVDS too (which I haven't seen so can't comment on).

Children's Illustrated Bible
This book has faithful retellings of the Bible stories along with beautiful illustrations, and sidebars with helpful maps, pictures of artifacts and places, and historical and cultural information related to the text.   It's really a perfect book if you want to connect the Bible stories with other aspects of history. 

General Bible Story Activities 
(For All Bible Stories)

Story Telling in Sand Box
I had planned to tell the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob using printable Abraham and Sarah on cardboard in a sand box like I had seen on a video (which I can't find now...doh).  But I left the sand I bought outside and it got rained on, and I didn't want to wait or go out and get more.

Wooden Spoon Puppets
These would be another cute way to illustrate these stories

Abraham Activities

Stars Activity
When we studied Abraham and the story about his decendants being like the uncountable stars and sand, we did a simple craft drawing all over a black piece of construction paper with a glue stick and then sprikling glitter on it with stars.  I had bought sand to make sandpaper hills the same way (only on brown paper, cut like hills to paste over the stars), but my sand got rained on the day before so we didn't do that.  You could also cut up sandpaper to do that like this blogger did.  She also used sticker stars, but those were too countable for me.

Here's some more Abraham activities you can do...

Printable Abraham and Sarah Tent and Figures

Abraham and Sarah Lift the Flap Tent

3D Tent Craft

Lapbook Pages/Tent Book

Abraham and Sarah Games

Abraham Character Traits, Tracing, and More

Isaac and Jacob Activities

Sacrifice of Isaac

Isaac and Rebecca 

Isaac, Jacob and Esau (various)

Jacob and Esau

Jacobs Sons

Joseph Activites

Joseph Puppets

Joseph Coat Activity

Grain Bundle Craft

Creative Commons Illustrations of Joseph Story

While we went on and covered many more Bible stories, we didn't really do any crafts for those, as my son began to be less interested in doing crafts related to the stories.   Again, you can see what we read between various Story of the World chapters to integrate the Bible stories chronologically here.

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  1. I love your ideas! I used Story of the World with my older kids, but haven't used it yet with my younger ones! I will have to pull it out soon.

    1. I only have one homeschooling, and he's my I'm sort of sorry I don't have a second time around for this. I keep finding things that "would have been fun to do" on "Chapter so and so" we already are long past. It would be fun to have a second shot at this.