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Curriculum for FREE

Below is a list of free curriculum I've found online  (curriculum, not random one page resources).   For something to count as "curriculum" in my book, it should...
  1. Be at least unit study length (last a week or more).
  2. Cover a subject to some completion, in a sequential, organized way.
All of the resources below, save for a few in the "supplementary section," meet that requirement.  Some will carry you for a full year, or even through many grade levels. 

One word of caution...most of these are printable resources, and "free" is always relative for printables.   It's worth it to calculate in printing costs:  look up how many pages, average, you can get per printer cartridge on the printer you use,  add in the cost of paper, and then calculate how much a printed resource will really cost you.     For some resources you can view it on a tablet or computer and avoid the cost of printing that way.  In other cases it may cost you less to buy a used or even new resource than to print one out for free.

Limited Time

Writing Through Ancient History (Available through 8/31)
Grades 1st - 3rd.  This curriculum teaches writing using the Charlotte Mason methods of narration and copywork and reading passages of short stories, fables from Aesop, poetry, and cultural tales from history.  It would work well as a supplement to a history curriculum, and has an easy index to align it with other history studies.  Copywork is in traditional ball and stick manuscript. 

All/Most Major Subjects

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool
Covers all of the core subjects and some supplementary subjects.  Uses free online resources. I believe this is a Christian resource.

Ambleside Online
A PreK-12th Charlotte Mason curriculum.  Does not include all books to be collected, though they are generally classical books that can be found in libraries.

Kahn Academy (online lessons)
Videos and online practice problems for various subject including math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.  (I've personally used the math lessons and am very happy with them...not sure if all subjects have practice problems or just math).  A secular resource. 

Discovery K-12
A complete online K-12 curriculum...I believe this is totally free.  Secular resource.

Lesson Pathways
K-5th grade curriculum using free, screened online tools.

Core Knowledge 
 Pre-K - 8th Grade program covering  language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual arts  

An Old Fashioned Curriculum
Curriculum using mainly free online texts. 

The Puritan's Homeschool
A K-12 Christian Curriculum (reformed Churches).

Mater Amabilis
K - 12 Caltholic Charlotte Mason curriculum.

Not "full week" resources, but well organized collections that could be cobled together to make a full resource (including full single day plans).

SAS Curriculum Pathways

Books, videos and other resources...some of which I would consider a complete curriculum, on a wide array of subjects.   I'm including some resources under the categorized sections before, but wanted to inlude this here for you to explore yourself.

Language Arts

Progressive Phonics
This program teaches reading and handwriting (the handwriting is a similar style as Handwriting Without Tears).   I've used the phonics readers from intermediate on and love them.

Sight and Sound Reading and Handwriting
Pre-K - K.  Free beginning reading and handwriting (, ball and stick).
Online reading program.  I've heard there's an app too.  We used this years ago with our kids and it was great.

Teach Your Monster to Read
Online reading program.

The Good and the Beautiful  Language Arts Curriculum:  For grades K through 6th (though the 2nd part of of 3rd - 6th will not be available until June 15th, 2017 ).  Covers phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, literature, and art.

National Novel Writing Month - Various
There are various lesson plans and free printable resources for NaNoWriMo, most of them month long, which you can find at the link above.


Big History Project
For Middle and High School Students.  A common core aligned video based social studies program.  You can register as a teacher or use their public course...both to my knowledge are free, though I'm not sure what the difference between the two are .

Myths, Maps and Marvels
A free history curriculum, that uses some resources that are not.  But you might be able to tweak any you can't find in your library out.

Marion Brady - Investigating World & American History
For 5th through 12th grade.  This program is designed to teach critical thinking skills more than to teach history.  As such, it doesn't attempt to cover history completely, but does cover the historical subjects it touches on DEEPLY.  It is intended for classroom use but could be easily adjusted for homeschool.  I could easily see using library books to cover the gaps. 

CK-12:  US History Sourcebook
Covers history from Colonial Time to WWI

This Country of Ours, Part 1 by Henrietta Elizabeth MARSHALL
1917 Audio version of a 1917 History Book on US History.

Experiment With the Vikings
This free resource combines science and history, and touches on concepts in chemistry, biology, physics and more.   Contains both narrative and experiments.  It says its for primary to age 14, but some of the science concepts I think would be harder for younger students, and I think could certainly be used with students older than 14. 


Globalmania by Knowledge Quest
This book shows you, in week by week steps, how to teach world geography using free online tools.  A free subscription is required.

Elementary Geography by Charlotte Mason
A beautifully written geography book...seriously, gorgeous wording.   It was written sometime before 1923, but the topics work today with a little tweaking (For instance, in her description of the planets, she says "As each one keeps at a regular distance form the sun all through its journey, the more distant the planet is, the longer is the time it takes to finish its course."  We now know that some planets have eliptical orbits so this is not completely true. )

Home Geography by C.C. Long, PhD
This book was originally published in 1894 as an instruction book for teachers, but the lessons I read seemed easily adaptable for today, and some of them actually very kinesthetic (something I didn't expect as much in lesson plans from the 1800s.)

Lego Travel Adventures Unit Study
Ages 6 - 8.  I debated over whether to include this here or in Unit Studies, but this does cover quite a bit of geography (as well as some other non-related things) and while it's not even close to being comprehensive, for the age group it's a good geography introduction.


McGraw Hill Science California
Grades 1 - 6.  Textbook, reading and writing in science, and activity book.

ACS Inquiry In Motion (Study of Matter)
Downloadable book for grades 3-8 with lesson plans for the study of matter (and the scientific process).  Designed for classroom teachers but seems adaptable to homeschool use. Very complete resource.

ACS Middle School Chemistry
Lesson plans covering matter (solids, liquids and gasses), changes of state, density, the periodic table and bonding, water molecules and dissolving, and chemical change.  This seems very complete, and while designed for classroom use seems adaptable for homeschool.  If you are attempting to match your State Standards, you can use their widget to determine which standards these lessons apply to.

NIH Lesson Plans
The National Institute of Health has various free lesson plans for various health related subjects (mostly for high school and middle school, but there is one unit for elementary students.  Some of the lesson plans would last a week or more.

Experiment With the Vikings
This free resource combines science and history, and touches on concepts in chemistry, biology, physics and more.   Contains both narrative and experiments.  It says its for primary to age 14, but some of the science concepts I think would be harder for younger students, and I think could certainly be used with students older than 14. 

Foreign Language

Completely free online/app platform for learning a language.

Initially free online/app platform for learning a language.  There are extra services you can purchase (and it may only be the beginning lessons that are free...but I haven't gotten far enough to tell).

Unit Studies
I'm not attempting to list all the unit studies out there.   You can find ones on nearly any subject.   Here are good places to find free ones.

Ultimate List of Unit Study Resources (May include some paid ones too)

Homeschool Share

Gypsy Road Unit Studies

Ellen Fun Learning

Oklahoma Homeschool

Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies

Homeschool Helper

Currclick (mostly paid ones but some free.)

Teachers Pay Teachers (mostly paid ones but some free)

While lapbooks can sometimes be supplemental some can be used as a complete study, including text to complement the laptop building .  This site has a great list (though completeness may vary).

Please let me know if you know of any other free curriculum resource (unit study size or longer only, thanks).

Just including this graphic to make this easier to post on linky lists, like the homeschool linkies you'll find here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Teacher's Pay Teachers Tip

Did you know that if you order something at Teachers Pay Teachers, unless that seller has removed it, that you can always go back and download it.  What's more, if the seller updates it, you can get those updates (however, you can't get back to the old make sure to check and see if anything was LOST in the new update before deleting the old copy). 

You can find what's been updated by browsing your purchases and looking for Newly Revised Re-Download.

I learned this month that a calendar I had bought for 2015-16 was now updated for 2017-18, and I found several other things with new additions.   A few of the updates were things I've shared in the past, so wanted to

Print Path

Calendar Centers have been updated for 2016-17 AND there are some new activity pages!

Lowercase at Last has a new "Award" page for completing the whole workbook.

Dr. Daves Science - Science of Egypt
The Science of Egypt bundle now has worksheets (but doesn't have the mummy experiments and Nile project it used to, so keep the old versions too).  If you bought an individual Science of Egypt unit (such as Pyramids or Animals, several of these been updated with worksheets too).

Friday, May 13, 2016

Freebie Faves

I love freebies,  but there are a lot to wade though.   Here's my favorites I've found recently.  Just the best of the best.

Language Arts

Sight Word Sampler - by Kinderbabes (HWT Compatible!)
I'm sharing this one because all the words the kids copy or color in are HWT compatible!   Woo hoo!  This sampler includes sight words and, am, go, he, she and from.

Sight Words Worksheets - by  Cathi Ludi (Semi HWT Compatible!)
Another semi-HWT compatible resource with 91 pages of sight word practice (sorry, not going to list all those).  The tracing/copying letters are great with the a, b, d, g, p, qs but do have a slight curle to all the letters (sort of an in-between manuscript and cursive).  Coloring letters in outline manuscript.

Seasonal Sight Word Word Searches - by Kindergarten Rocks
Word searches are great for helping little kids learn sight words, but most are too complex.  These are just right for beginners.

Nouns No-Cut Book
I love how these activities all re-reinforce what a noun is.


Number Sense Game - from The Measured Mom (and blog friends)
I just love the idea of this game because it's got sillyness built in.  I could see using picture cards from another set of flashcards you might have and using two dice to add or multiply to find out how many of that thing there is to take this to another level.

Origin of Our Number System - by Dazzle on a Dime
This little printable blew my mind.  Did you know that our numbers were based on Phoenician trading symbols and that in their original form all the numbers had the number of angles they represented?    I didn't.  This is a great math+history resource.


STEM Building Challenge - by Teachers are Terrific
A building project (which can be done sans printables), and some worksheets that help kids think through their design process.

Social Studies/History

Presidential Printables - by Make Beliefs Comix
These would be a fun way to get your kids talking about the presidential election.   The older ones a bit heavy on printer ink.

Money:  The New Faces of Currency
The people pictures on our currency is changing, and this set has reading and other activities about that change.  A great current event piece.


April Morning Work - by Mrs. Kadeen Teaches
I love mixed "morning work" because it's great to pull out when I'm not sure what we're going to do today.  This is a fun one April sampler.

Spring Freebies for Every Grade - from Educents
Not a big thing, just a bunch of small things in an easy to sort layout.