Saturday, May 20, 2017

Freebie Faves

Some of my favorite recent freebies found online...resources worth the ink!


Book:  What Happened in Colonial Times
Collections of short historical biographies that read like fiction.  Available for a limited time.  I've read through these and they are great!   (Christian perspective).

Science and Nature

Bee Life Cycle Book (check and see if still free)

Metals Unit Study

Language Arts

Use Lazer Pointers to Teach Tracking

Full Poetry Unit (through 6/15 Only)


Multiplication Rhyme Flash Cards
Uses rhyme to teach the facts...just a sampling, but enough to try with your kiddo and see if you want to buy the whole set.

Math Fact Addition Strategy Sorting
A strategy practive activity that will also teach you (the teacher) about addition strategies (if you weren't familiar with them)

Skip Counting Dot to Dot Motorcycle

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angeland Freebie Pack

Investigating Angles and Triangles

Measuring Angles Puzzle


Map Skills Booklet


Sign Language Number Mazes

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