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Story of the World Vol 1: Gods of Ancient Egypt (Chap 2: Part 2)

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Mostly for books, which I suggest looking for at your local library. 

We did this part of Chapter 2 in one setting, since the intro was so short and the rest was a single story about Isis, Set, and Osiris.  Sadly, you may have to explain the difference between "Isis" the Egyptian deity, and ISIS, the terrorist group, if your children have been listening to the news at all.

Because we are Christians, I also took the time to explain some of the differences between what Egyptians believed and what we believe (many gods for different things, vs. one God over everything, for example).   If you have older children, you might be interested in having them read the short sections on Egyptian religion and morality in the Ancient Egypt Guide I wrote (It was a guide for volunteers playing Egyptians in a living history style VBS about Joseph in Egypt, so I wrote it specifically with some of the contrasts and similarities between Christianity and Egyptian religion in mind, such as how they viewed sin and a the afterlife.)


For illustration on the first two paragraphs we looked at a coloring page found of the Egyptian god Horus...and some other gods in a library book on Egypt (you can find pictures of Egyptian gods and goddesses in nearly any children's non-fiction book about Egypt).  You might also look for pages that show artifacts owned by a Pharoah and see if you can find any of the symbols they mention (the staff) OR images of a hawk (the animal representation of Horus).

For the story about Isis, Osiris and Set we used pictures from the Story of the World Activity Book and pictures and coloring pages I found online  (I don't remember which one exactly, so I am sharing several I considered below).  You can print out the pictures you like best and staple them together to make a little storybook that you flip through as you read this story.

Whole Story Illustrated
   NOTE: There is a version of this story where Set cuts apart Osirus' body, and these illustrations pictures that, but the other pictures you could use. 
All Gods Mentioned (Horus, Osiris, Isis, Set)
Isis Coloring Page
Horus Connect the Dots
Horus Picture from Heading (Public Domain/Pixabay)
Osirus Connect the Dots
Set/Seth Coloring Page

The following is from a book written in the 1900s
and should be in the public domain.  Click the Picture for a larger version to save and print.   Sorry I don't remember where I got this from originally.

A picture of Osiris ruling in the underworld, with Isis standing nest to him (and another goddess...not sure which one).  (From the Papyrus of Hunefer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons).  Click on the picture for a larger version you can print.

And, while we listened to it a while after we did this chapter, I will say I love the longer version of this story as read by Jim Weiss in the CD Egyptian Treasures (which a friend of mine lent me).

Since this chapter talks about how Pharaoh was considered a God, this is a great place to talk about the Egyptian social classes.  Many picturebooks on Egypt in your library would cover this.  The free sample pages for  Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt deal with social classes, and the sample even has a great "lift the flap" social classses pyramid that would go great in a lapbook, and a couple printable games, including Senat.  

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