Friday, May 13, 2016

Freebie Faves

I love freebies,  but there are a lot to wade though.   Here's my favorites I've found recently.  Just the best of the best.

Language Arts

Sight Word Sampler - by Kinderbabes (HWT Compatible!)
I'm sharing this one because all the words the kids copy or color in are HWT compatible!   Woo hoo!  This sampler includes sight words and, am, go, he, she and from.

Sight Words Worksheets - by  Cathi Ludi (Semi HWT Compatible!)
Another semi-HWT compatible resource with 91 pages of sight word practice (sorry, not going to list all those).  The tracing/copying letters are great with the a, b, d, g, p, qs but do have a slight curle to all the letters (sort of an in-between manuscript and cursive).  Coloring letters in outline manuscript.

Seasonal Sight Word Word Searches - by Kindergarten Rocks
Word searches are great for helping little kids learn sight words, but most are too complex.  These are just right for beginners.

Nouns No-Cut Book
I love how these activities all re-reinforce what a noun is.


Number Sense Game - from The Measured Mom (and blog friends)
I just love the idea of this game because it's got sillyness built in.  I could see using picture cards from another set of flashcards you might have and using two dice to add or multiply to find out how many of that thing there is to take this to another level.

Origin of Our Number System - by Dazzle on a Dime
This little printable blew my mind.  Did you know that our numbers were based on Phoenician trading symbols and that in their original form all the numbers had the number of angles they represented?    I didn't.  This is a great math+history resource.


STEM Building Challenge - by Teachers are Terrific
A building project (which can be done sans printables), and some worksheets that help kids think through their design process.

Social Studies/History

Presidential Printables - by Make Beliefs Comix
These would be a fun way to get your kids talking about the presidential election.   The older ones a bit heavy on printer ink.

Money:  The New Faces of Currency
The people pictures on our currency is changing, and this set has reading and other activities about that change.  A great current event piece.


April Morning Work - by Mrs. Kadeen Teaches
I love mixed "morning work" because it's great to pull out when I'm not sure what we're going to do today.  This is a fun one April sampler.

Spring Freebies for Every Grade - from Educents
Not a big thing, just a bunch of small things in an easy to sort layout.



  1. Thank you so much for referencing the No Cut Nouns booklet. It is great to see that others find this to be as useful as my students and I do. I love this thread of FREE activities. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together.

    1. I was happy to feature it! Thanks so much for offering this excellent resource free!