Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jump and Learn Game

Here's a fun, active game to play with your kids to help them practice a whole number of things.  You can practice letters, numbers, shapes, colors (in English, or a foreign language).  It can be played indoors or outdoors with different materials.


OUTDOORS: Chalk, and an area with cement.

INDOORS: Colored construction paper and scissors (you can also use colored play foam sheets, which cost more, but last longer).


OUTDOORS: Draw whatever you want to learn with the different colored chalk.

INDOORS: Cut out shapes in paper or foam sheets of various colors, then draw other things you want to teach (like numbers, letters, etc) on them.  Scatter them around the room.


To play the game, the parent or leader calls out the shape, color, number, letter, etc. The children have to run to what you just called out  and stand or jump on it (for indoors, I suggest telling kids to just touch it with their hand or foot, as the paper gets messed up pretty quick). You can mix it up twister style, and tell them, for example, to put their foot on red and their hand on the number 1.   This is especially fun with several kids but can be played with just one, and you as the caller. 

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  1. Love this. Especially the outdoor one because it can tire kiddos out to make them run and jump :)