Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Homeschool Blog Posts

Every year there is this event in October where bloggers of all sorts attempt, and sometimes succeed, in blogging on ONE  TOPIC for 31 days straight.   I am NOT going to attempt to do this...I am not that crazy.  But I am going to attempt to read some of the posts.

There are quite a few homeschooling topics in this mix...and to save you some time, I've listed all the obviously homeschooling related ones (and a few sort of homeschooling related... OK, so mostly all of the "family life" category could related to homeschool moms, but there are just too many to list all those!)

Note:  Some of these will list all their posts on the first day's intro, and others will not, so you will need to go to the blog main page, or possibly see if there's a tag related to this to click, to see the other posts.  

31 Days of....
Classical Education
Classical Homeschooling
Clay Play Fun
Confessions of a Public School Mom (written partially for homeschoolers)*
Crafted Colour Series 
Creative Homeschooling*
Dr. Seuss
Diary of a Mediocre Homeschooler
Homeschooling Made Easy
Homeschooling and Working From Home*
Kids Books We Love 
Learning to Sketch*
Lego Unit Studies*
Math Learning Success*
Life, Love and Learning Disability
New Kids Picture Books
Phonics Cards
Raising and Homeschooling a Child With Special Needs
There's a Book for That (books that inspire learning)
Tools to Memorize a Bible Chapter
Ultimate List of Homeschooling Questions
Useful Kids Crafts
Ways to Learn While You Play*

this is just here so I can find the links easily.  :-)

Tips for Raising Boys
Teacher Turned Momma*
Dates With Your Own Kids
Lies Modern Moms Believe
Organization for Normal People
Reset Your Home
31 Days of Texas
Christmas Printables

*Asterics are for my own personal use...please ignore them.

So, do you plan to follow any of 31 Day series?


  1. This is a great list! I would like to read as many as I can. We decided to participate, too. My family is going to learn to sketch together. Should be interesting!

    1. How Fun. I didn't see that one. Can you share a link?

    2. Never mind...I found it. :-) I'll add it to the list!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great list--and for linking my blog too! :)

  3. Somehow I missed the 31 Days of Texas in the link up - I'm glad you mentioned it here. (Though chances are it will just make me homesick...) And thank you for the link through to my blog! :)

    1. You're from Texas...and I'm guessing not there now? I've been in Texas for nearly 20 years now, but still miss California sometimes (though not as much as at first), so I can relate, in reverse.

  4. I am so grateful for the mention! I'm following about a dozen or so in the challenge, and I subscribed to emails so I can get a reminder to read each one every day. Otherwise, it wouldn't happen for me! ha!

    1. You're so welcome! Don't know how you do the writing and the reading too! I always start following a bunch but it gets narrowed down towards the end.