Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers...it's a great place to browse for when you need that just right printable.  Right now (Jan 20 - 21) they  are having a site-wide sale...with coupon code START16 you can get 10% off any product, PLUS some shops are offering additional discounts.  Three of my favorite shops are among them...

I'm NOT a TPT affiliate and don't get any commission 
for sharing this sale...all opinions are my own.  

Prince Padania

I just recently stumbled on Prince Padania and I love their shop.  They have a bunch of well done lego themed printables (like pictured above)...score!  But the real treasure is their games.  Most educational games I've stumbled on are quiz games...great for review but not great for teaching.  But many of Prince Padania's games go deeper than that, not just practicing wrote learning but exploring concepts in really creative ways.  I am seriously impressed by them.  And everything on his site seems to be on sale right now.

Dr. Dave's Science

Dr. Dave's Science has tons of fun science experiment units.  I purchased his Science of  Ancient Egypt Bundle, which teaches Science through history, after falling in love with his free sample unit on The Nile.  The bundle is marked down to $12 (from $15)...and you can also individual sections for $2.40 each if you are just interested in a particular topic (like the science of Egyptian animals, mummies, inventions, etc.)    His sale only lasts through Jan 20 (although of course the 10% coupon will still last longer).

Print Path

I've used Print Path as a Handwriting Without Tears alternative (same style letters with regular Kindergarten lines).  You can see my full review of their Handwriting Instruction Units on my Kindergarten Curriculum Review.   Over the last couple years they've also adding a bunch of content area resources (printables for art, grammar, math...even a HWT Calendar).  If you teach HWT or another non-ball and stick style print you know how hard it is to find resources for other subject that use this same style printing, so this is GOLD!  All of her stuff is marked off right now.

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