Friday, March 31, 2017

A Kiddo Directed School Day

As I've mention before, much of our learning takes place in "play school,"  which is pretty much like regular school, only when I explain things I'm holding a dinosaur or shark or whoever my son chooses to "be the teacher" for the day.  My son moves around  a number of smaller toy students, and we both speak in silly voices (which usually get lost half way through the lesson).  But it's real lessons and real learning.

The other day, after literally years of letting me teach all the lesson in play school, my son asked if he could be the teacher again.  I had a full day planned, so initially my heart sunk...but then I decided to embrace it (at least a little bit).  I asked if I could teach some of the lessons, and asked what he wanted to teach.  "Math and spelling" he said. 

And I'm so glad he did this.  He was doing just as much review teaching ME (or, um...the students) as we would have done if I was teaching.  And as I had the "students" ask him question it caused him to think about things in different ways.   It was really a great way to do math narration without having to MAKE him explain things, which he usually resists.   It also gave me a good idea of what concepts he was really strong on and which he was still struggling with.

Just another reminder of why I love the flexibility of homeschool.

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