Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Free Faves

Knowledge Quest Map's St. Patrick'S Day Unit Study
This free 5 day unit study suggests a number of fun and educational
activities to do each day. Also included free (with free newsletter subscription) fictionalized story of Saint Patrick that I LOVE.   The true story of St. Patrick, is, at heart, and adventure story, and this captures that adventure well without leaving behind the history (does have one incident that is most certainly legend).  A nice map of Ireland is also included with the bio.

St. Patrick's Day Book
This free printable book takes a look at St. Patrick's day, and it's history, customs and traditions, from a secular viewpoint.  St. Patrick himself is only mentioned briefly, as the patron Saint of Ireland (there is no bio of him as in the Unit Studies above).  Leprechauns and good luck charms are also handled by saying that "some people believe" manner.

St. Patrick's Day Journey Interactive Game
My flash is not currently working, so I haven't been able to preview this but am listing it in my faves simply because the BBC tends to put out some clever and worthwhile flash games (and I'm hoping we've fixed our flash problem by St. Patricks Day, and I'd like to use this).

St. Patrick's Day Music Lesson
Learn about Celtic music for St. Patrick's Day.

Some Nifty Irish Coloring Pages
Ireland: Life in Celtic Times
Ireland: Celtic Knotwork, 2
St. Patrick Coloring Page (Shows him chasing out snakes, which is probably metaphorical, as there's no evidence Ireland ever had snakes). 
Christian St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page 
Artsy 3 Leaf Clover 

Not Free...But Worth Mentioning

Ireland Unit Study - Only Passionate Curiosity
I got this when it was briefly free...but for $2.50 it's not much.   This unit has lots of info about Ireland - it has math work using a map of Ireland, a page on the Irish flag, which also deals gently with the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.  Also has info on  the Hill of Terra*, a bio on St. Patrick (a little dry), Celtic Cross art, The Book of Kells,  a rainbow science experiment, design an Irish coin and an Irish recipe.

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