Friday, April 1, 2016

Freebie Faves

Links to Educents are affiliate links.  Since these are freebies
 I wouldn't earn commission, but could earn commission on other sales.

There are TONS of freebies out there...but some really stand out.  Here are my faves I've found this week.  (No April fooling!)


Marshmallow Shapes Pack from Teach Beside Me (Limited Time)
These cards show kids how to make complex designs with toothpicks, and while there are various places you can find things like this, I think these are just really well done.  This week only! 

Language Arts

Sentence Building With Pup & Pals (by Annalog Activities)
I love this cute and clever activity (with lesson plan) to help teach students the parts of a sentence.  This is one that can be used again at several levels.  For a precurser, I also like their "unscramble the Sentence" reader "What does the Dog Want?"

See and Say Sight Words
OK, I'm linking up to the freebies and the ones for sale together because it's easier.  They have all sorts of sight word freebies, inluding a free desktop program (which I unfortunately could not get to work on our linux machine).  But their sight word printables I love--especially the Delux one, because they repeat the same set of sight words for 5 days.  The Sight Word 1 also comes in D'Nealian, which is nice (not so the Delux...doh). 


Middle School Chemistry - Free Lessons 
This is pretty much a free science curriculum for ages 6 - 8th grade.   No worksheets or printables that I can tell but the experiments and explanations behind them seem top notch.

Dinosaur Copywork from Multiasking Mom
It's regular ball and stick manuscript, but I still love the idea of practicing handwriting while learning cool facts about dinosaurs.


$78 Freebie Pack From Educents (Limited Time)
There's some great stuff in this pack (mostly for early elementary).  I especially like the American History Cookbook, with historic recipes AND explanations of the history behind them.  The Wild "Uno" Sytle Addition Cards are also nice.  There's several other addition, subtraction and counting games and activities here that are nice too.  The sight word pack, writing prompts and coloring pages I thought were kinda "meh" but overall it's a nice package.

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