Friday, October 9, 2015

Caves: Free Printable Book

I made a cave book for my kiddo while we were studying the Stone Age.   There's a lot of other uses for this little book, though.  The center is designed to be cut out revealing a picture on a second page.  Subsequent pages could be used using these two pages again.

You could use this book to make a story or non-fiction book about...

Here's what my son did with it for the stone age.   You can see he drew a girl, a fire, cave art, and a lizard.   If I were to do this again I would have the second page be black construction paper and then have my son use light colored crayons to draw on top of it.

You could also shrink the size of this (easy to do in printer settings) and use this as part of a lapbook.

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More Fun Cave Ideas

My Favorite Cave Non-Fiction Book

We did whole unit on caves lasting several weeks using this book as our spine last year after visiting a nearby cavern (really, it would be more ideal for reading BEFORE going as it has several activities to do inside a cave, but it worked great as a follow up too).

The book is beautifully written and illustrated, and chalk full of great information, activities, and experiments to do.  It encourages kids to look at one small square of a cave thoroughly...thus the name.  This is one of a series of various other environments (backyard, forest, pond, jungle, african savana, etc.).  

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