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Dover History Printables Samples - By Era


Below are links to various coloring pages and other printables from Dover's Free Sample related to different periods of history.  I am not sure how long Dover will keep these up, so you may want to download these to save for later.    If you are looking for a specific historical figure, you may want to check out the list organized by person (which may have some items not found here).  

I'll be updating this page frequently.  

Prehistoric Times

Maps and Misc.
Explorers - Includes Modern and Ancient Maps

Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Cat Paper Doll

Ancient Rome and Greece
2nd Century Roman Mosaic

Ancient to Medieval Europe
A Celtic House Coloring Page (Iron Age - Medieval)
Celtic Knotwork Coloring Pages 
Celtic Knotwork Colring Pages II
Illuminated Manuscripts
Vikings Coloring Pages
St. Patrick Coloring Page (5th Century)
Medieval Tapestries
Medeival Cat Paper Doll
Marco Polo - born 1254 

Ancient China
Chinese Cat Paper Doll

Columbus (1492 voyage)
Columbus II
Arawak/Taino People (Central America, time of Columbus)

Leonardo da Vinci 2 3 4 (Mona Lisa - Artwork by) 1506
Raphael (Painting, The Sistine Madonna)
William Shakespeare -  born 1564


13 Colonies Crossword
George WashingtonResource 2, 3, 4, 5
Alexander Hamilton 2  3
Revolutionary War Battles
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - January 27, 1756
American History Jokes
American Artwork by Benjamin West  - 1775
Polonesian Islands and Captain James Cook - November 7, 1728
Neopolitan Baroque Angel
US Constitution 1789

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1803-1805) 
War of 1812 Naval Battle
Charles Dickens
Jules Verne
H. G. Wells
Mark Twain
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Oregon Trail (1830's - 1860's)
Clipper Ship, around time of Gold Rush (1859)
Zachary Taylor - (US Pres 1849 - 1850)
Andrew Jackson (US Pres 1829 - 1837)
Julia Dent Grant (Wife of Ulysses S. Grant)
Civil War, 2 (1861 - 1865)
Abraham Lincoln, 23(US Pres 1861- 1865)
How I Spied on General Grant, By Dr. Seuss, pg2 - 1861
Artwork by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 2 3 (Various from 1866 - 1896)
Republican Split of 1867, By Dr. Seuss - 1867
Artwork by Claude Monet, Resource 2, 3 ( artworks from the 1860s - 80's)
Victorian Fashion (1874 -1880)
Victorian Paper Dolls
Degas-  Artwork 1875
Cassatt, Mary  - Artwork, 1879
Rutherford B. Hayes - (US Pres 1877-1881)
Painting by Degas (1880)
Coloring Page - Artwork by Berth Morisot - 1886
Coloring Page - Artwork (Mostly from 1800) - 1888
2 Van Gogh Artworks - 1888
Van Gogh Spot the Diffference Artwork - 1889
Art Nouveau Designs 
Art Nouveau Fashions (1890 - early 1900s)
Artwork by Paul Cézanne  (Various, Mid to Late 1800s...includes self portrait)
Artworks by Paul Cezanne (including self-portrait) - Late 1800's
Paul Cézanne (Arwork by) 1885
Artwork by Thomas Eakins (1873)  - Go to Next Page for Puzzle
Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh (Starry Night -1889)
Benjamin Harrison (US Pres 1889 - 1893)
Frederic Remington - 1892

Art Nouveau Fashions (1890 - early 1900s)
Theodore (Teddy) Rosevelt - (President 1901-1909)
Women (re-imagined Harrison Fisher style coloring pages)
Louis C. Tiffany  (Artwork by - 1800s to 1900s)
Chanel Fashion Paperdolls (1914, 1916)
English Downtown Abby Style Paperdolls (1912 -1924)
Harry Clarke (Artwork By)
Charles Folkard (Artwork by)
Helen Jacobs (Artwork by)
Julia Morgan  (Architect who designed in California in the 1900s -40s)

Roaring 20's
Jazz Age Fashion
1920's Swimsuit (Paperdoll)
Babe Ruth
Greta Garbo
Artwork by Thomas Hart Benton - 1922
Chanel Fashion Paperdolls (1926, 1927)
Art Deco Fashion (1920s - 1940s)

King Kong - 1933
Coloring Page - Artwork by Beatice Whitney Van Ness - 1936
Greta Garbo
Nelson Mandela - Childhood
Lou Gherig
WWII Comic Book Section

Christian Dior Fashion Paperdolls - Late 40's, Early 50's
Casa Blanca - Movie - 1942
Nelson Mandela and the Start of Aparteid in South Africa - 1948
Jackie Robinson
Norman Rockwell (artwork by)
Doris Day (Actress) - April 3, 1922 or 1924

Christian Dior Fashion Paperdolls - Late 40's, Early 50's
1950's Fashion Paperdolls
Brown vs. Board of Education/Thurgood Marshall/NAACP - 1954
Rosa Parks 2 1955, Segregation Protest
Martin Luther King
Civil Rights Movement
Artwork by Diego Rivera - 1957
Ozzie and Harriet TV Show - 1952 - 1966
Nelson Mandela (Early Activism)
Saturday Evening Post Covers (might be other eras too)

Segregation/Sit-In Protest - 1960
Martin Luther King  2 
Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy - First Lady  1961...
Fashion Paperdolls - 1964
Civil Rights March 2 - Jan 15, 1929 - 1965
Classic Cars 1964 - 69
1960's Swimsuit (Paperdoll)
Fashion Paperdoll - 1968
Pat Nixon (1st Lady to Richard Nixon from 1969...)
Nelson Mandela - Imprisonment

Fashion Paperdoll - 1970
Fashion Paperdolls - 1970, 1976
Mary Tyler Moore
Rosalyn Carter (First Lady to Jimmy Carter from 1977...)

Sandra Day O'Connor (first women to be appointed to the Supreme Court, 1981)
The Cosby Show
Julia Robert's Pretty Women Dress
Princess Diana, Red Dress
Jimmy Carter (US Pres 1977 - 1981)
Ronald Reagan (US Pres 1981 - 1989)
George Bush (US Pres 1989 - 1993)
Antonin Scalia -  (Supreme Court Justice 1986 - 2016)
Pope John Paul II, 2 (born Karol Józef Wojtyla ) - Pope from 1978 - 2005

Nelson Mandela (End of apartheid and  Presidency), Nobel Peace Prize (1993)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg - (Supreme Court Justice from 1993)
Roseanne Cherrie Barr (actress,comedian)
1990's Fashion Paper Dolls 
Global Warming and Wallace Broecker

Barak Obama, 2- President 2008 -- 2016
Kate Middleton and Prince William , 2 (2011 - 2013)
Kate Middleton , 3
Pope Francis 2, 3 (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)  Became Pope 2013
College of Cardinals (responsible for picking a new Pope)
St Peters Basiica (though built in 1600's, this I believe is a modern drawing of it)
Penny Dreadful TV Series (Set in Victorian Time)
Halle Berry
Angelina Jolie
Reese Witherspoon
Prince Henry and Meagan Markle 

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