Saturday, March 23, 2019

CRAFT: Spring Flowers Sun-catcher

This is a craft we did at the Mayborn Museum one spring long ago.  It would be a simple craft to do at home.

To make this suncatcher, or one like it in a different shape, all you need is wax paper, flower petals or leaves (just raid your garden), a pencil, a glue stick,  a hole punch, and a piece of yarn or twine.  You can download shapes to trace off the internet (some are suggested below) or draw your own shape.  Make sure the shape is large!

Draw or trace a shape on one piece of wax paper, and then stack two pieces of wax paper together and cut around your shape. 

Free Shape Templates

 You could cut directly on the line, but if you cut around it helps children to remember to leave an edge around their flower.   Also leave space for 1-2 holes at the top for hanging.

Put glue over the middle area of one of your shapes and put flower petals down on the glue.   Make sure the flower petals don't go all the way to the edge.   Then trace the edges with glue again and put your second sheet of wax paper over the first.   You can press down the whole sheet to press the flower petals or just press the edges together to leave the petals a little loose (like my son did).    Once it dries punch your hole (you can punch it before the glue dried but the glue may gunk up your hole punch).  

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