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Learning Games for Elementary

A collection of learning games for elementary age kids.

This post contains some affiliate links through which I can earn commission.

Playing games can be a great way to make learning fun, and spend quality family time together.   Below are a list of learning games you can use to practice and learn about various topics (for middle and high school games go here).   While there are many great online games too, in this list I'm only listing games you play offline with others (siblings, parents).    

Some of of these games are meant to be played with other children the same age.  If a parent is playing, I suggest adding an element of chance  to the parent's turn to make it more fair (For example, the parent could have to guess what hand your child is holding something in to be able to play their turn, or if it is a quiz style game, or the children could answer all the answers and the parent only moves if they get the answer wrong).   If an older child is playing with a younger child in a game of skill, I suggest giving the younger child some sort of similar advantage (a head start in a race game, two turns for every one turn the other child plays, etc.).

Most of the items on this list are free, but there are a few board games (some of which may already be in your closet) or printable games you can purchase which I've include, which are marked with a $

$ = Not a free resource
PK = Preschool (May or may not include 2-3 year olds)
KG = Kindergarten
EE = Early Elementary (KG - 2nd)
E = All of Elementary
LE = Late Elementary (3rd - 6th)
MS = Middle School/Junior High (6th - 8th)*
HS = High School (9th - 12th)*
K-12 = All school age (not PK)
ALL = All Ages (May or may not include 2-3 year old)

*Why do I even bother including MS/HS on an elementary school list?   Because sometimes its nice to find a game you can play with the whole family that everyone can learn from.   If you're looking for more games for Middle and High School, check out Ellen McHenry's Basement.

Mixed Skills
Educational Bingo Games
Jump and Learn Game

Early Learning Skills

Colors and Shapes
Jump and Learn Game (Requires chalk, PK/KG)
Dino Sort - Teaches Sorting/Classifying (Printable, PK/EE)
Soccer Spin - Probability, Predictions, Tally Marks (PK/K)


Various/Mixed Math Skills
Angry Bird Math - Counting/Probability (Printable, EE)
Storm the Castle Game (EE)
Sheep Herding Math (ALL)
Math Card Games, Various (Requires Card Deck, PK/E)

Number Recognition
Number Bingo (Printable, PK/KG)
Jump and Learn Game (Requires chalk, PK/KG)

Subsidizing (Ability to quickly tell how many of an object there is) 
Caterpillar Number Match (Printable, PK/KG)

Skip Counting
Various skip counting Games (Printable, KG, EE)

Place Value
Place Value Game (Printable, EE)

Race to a Dollar (Printable, Requires Change, EE)
Coin Recognition Games, Various
Monopoly (Board Game, LE/MS/HS $)

Five In a Hive - Mental Math/Adding to 5 (Printable, PK, K, EE)
Find 10 - Adding to 10 (Printable, K/EE)
Adding to 10 Game (Printable, K/EE)
Adding Up to 12 Game (Printable, E)
Adding Dice Game (Printable, Requires Dice)
Race to a Hundred  +10/Number Charts (Printable, EE)
15 Game (Printable)
Sea Slide Addition Game (Printable, EE)
Addition Facts that Stick - 5 Week Game Based Curriculum (Printable or Book, E, $)

Subtraction Facts that Stick - 5 Week Game Based Curriculum (Printable or Book, E $)
Dino Subtraction Game (Printable)
No Prep Subtraction Game (Printable)
Robot Subtraction Game (Printable)

Number Lines
Frog Jump Number Line Game (Printable, E)

Loot the Pirate Ship (Printable, LE)
Multiplication Games by Games 4 Learning (Printable)
Multiplication Facts that Stick - 5 Week Game Based Curriculum (Printable or Book, E $)
Kingdominoes (Board Game, LE/MS/HS $)

Loot the Pirate Ship (Printable, LE)
Division Facts that Stick - 5 Week Game Based Curriculum (Printable or Book, E $

Prime Numbers
Loot the Pirate Ship (Printable, LE)

Area/Array Game (Printable)

Language Arts

Language Arts Adventure (EE)

Alphabet - Letter Identification
Jump and Learn Game (Needs chalk, PK/KG)
Alphabet Bingo (Printable) 
Bunny Hop Alphabet Game (PK, EE)

Reading - Phonics
Uno Style Phonogram Game
(Printable, E)
Hard and Soft G Go Fish
(Printable, E)
Homophones Game (Printable, E)

Reading - Sight Words
Rotten Bananas (Needs Colored Paper, K, EE)
Sight Word Go Fish (K, EE)

Spelling Balloon Game (Need Balloons, Sharpie, E)
Boggle Word Game (E/MS)

Silly Sentences (Puzzle Game or Board Game, E, $)

Various Vocabulary Games


Computer Coding
Computer Coding Game  (Requires Cards)
Computer Coding game


Various Geography Games by Ellen McHenry (Various Ages)
Coleoptera (Beetles/Weevils) Around the World (printable, LE/MS/HS)

South America
Birds of Brazil Bingo (K-12)

Scientists of Antarctica (LE/MS/HS $

US State - Specific States

Pennsylvania Geogrphy/Geology - Bottom of Page (K-12)

Ride 'em Cowboy Texas Game (E)

Foreign Language

On Vacation Around the World (in French) (Printable, E 7+/MS)

Fruits and Vegetable Nutrition Game (ALL)

Some of these are game from historical time periods, and others are games that teach about these time periods.

Egyptian Trivia Game (Printable, LE/MS/HS)
Senet - Ancient Egyptian Game (LE/MS/HS)
Ancient Egyptian Snake Game (E/MS/HS)   
Digging Up Greece
Zeus on the Loose (Card Game, E/MS $)
Rota - Roman Tic-Tac-Toe (Printable, E/MS/HS)
Ancient Rome - Tabula, and Ancient Roman Game (Printable, LE/MS/HS)
Age of Exploration Dice Game (E/MS $)
Viking Voyages (LE/MS)
Sail the Seas - Explorers/Bodies of Water (LE/MS/HS)
Storming the Bastille French Revolution  (LE/MS/HS)


Scientists of Antarctica (LE/MS/HS $

Animals and Habitats
Various Animal Games by Ellen McHenry (All)
Safari Animals Seek and Find (PK - K)
Phyla Ecology Game (LE/MS/MS)
Birds of Brazil Bingo ( K-12)
Birds of Prey (LE/MS/HS $)
Gastropods (Mollusks) Bingo (EE, MS, HS)
Poison Dart Frog (Requires cardboard, Lots of Set Up, E/MS)
Various Frog Games See links in's more than just the pictured game  (Elementary)
Pond Scum - A Protazoa Game (LE/MS/HS)

Pond Scum - A Protazoa Game (LE/MS/HS)

Make 5 - A Game About Mineral Chemical Formulas ( LE, MS, HS)
Various Free Games by Ellen McHenry  (K-12)

Earth Science
Various Games by Ellen McHenry (K-12)

Nature Study
Nature Scavenger Hunt (K-12)


Family Friendly Version of Cards Against Humanity (LE/MS/HS)
Lego Building Game (Requires Legos, ALL 4+)
Various Lego Building Games  (Requires Legos, ALL 4+)
Bible Games, Various (ALL)
Concentration, Memorization, and Observation Games (LE/MS)  

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