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Curriculum for FREE

Below is a list of free curriculum I've found online  (curriculum, not random one page resources).   For something to count as "curriculum" in my book, it should...
  1. Be at least unit study length (last a week or more).
  2. Cover a subject to some completion, in a sequential, organized way.
All of the resources below meet that requirement, save for a few in the "supplementary section" and sometimes the "Limited Time" section.

One word of caution...many of these are printable resources, and "free" is always relative for printables.   It's worth it to calculate in printing costs:  look up how many pages, on average, you can get per printer cartridge on the printer you use,  add in the cost of paper, and then calculate how much a printed resource will really cost you.     For some resources you can view it on a tablet or computer and avoid the cost of printing that way.  In other cases it may cost you less to buy a used or even new resource than to print one out for "free."

New and Limited Time  Resources

Sometimes there are resources only available for a limited time, which I share here, right up at the top, so people can find them more easily.   I also share new long-term resources here, as well as further down on the list.

Open Source Phonics
Free phonics lessons aimed at parents (so with very good explanations about how to teach the lessons)  and reading passages (they don't seem to have pictures...some seem very good for older kids) and some other resources.

Fly Leaf Books - Decodables Readers
Through the 2020-22 school year, Fly Leaf publishing is making it's decodable readers free online (not for printing...must be viewed online).  They also have free downloadable worksheets and lesson plans with some of their decodables, and some free online activities.

Spel-lang Tree
A phonics based reading curriculum (designed for the classroom but can be used for homeschool

Code Buddies Coding Classes
They are offering free Intro to Artificial Intelligence and Intro to App Development due to the pandemic.  I am not sure how long this will be available.

All/Most Major Subjects 

The Gentle Classical Preschool Curriculum
Ages 2-4.   Described as a mix of classical, Charlotte Mason, and Montessori for the preschool set.

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool
Covers all of the core subjects and some supplementary subjects.  Uses free online resources. It's a Christian resource.

Ambleside Online
A PreK-12th Charlotte Mason curriculum.  Does not include all books to be collected, though they are generally classical books that can be found in libraries.
Online lessons/books in various subjects.   Can be used together or can pick and choose subjects.

Kahn Academy (online lessons)
All Ages - Videos and online practice problems for various subject including math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.  (I've personally used the math lessons and am very happy with them...not sure if all subjects have practice problems or just math).  A secular resource.    While it has many subjects may not be enough for a full "curriculum" on it's own.

Discovery K-12
K-12 - Complete online curriculum.  Secular resource.

Virtual Homeschool Group
K - 12 - Virtual online classes for various grades and subjects.  This is sort of like an online homeschool co-op.  Classes are free but you may need to obtain books and supplies for some classes. 

Lesson Pathways
K-5th grade curriculum using free, screened online tools.

Core Knowledge 
Pre-K - 8th Grade program covering  language arts, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual art. 

An Old Fashioned Curriculum
Curriculum using mainly free online texts. 

The Puritan's Homeschool
A K-12 Christian Curriculum (reformed Churches).

Mater Amabilis
K - 12 Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum.
MIT Open Coursework
High School/College.  Various subjects.   My understanding is these are actual classes taught through MIT, on video and available online.   A secular resource.

Not "full week" resources, but well organized collections that could be cobbled together to make a full resource (including full single day plans).

SAS Curriculum Pathways

Books, videos and other resources...some of which I would consider a complete curriculum, on a wide array of subjects.   I'm including some resources under the categorized sections before, but wanted to includes this here for you to explore yourself.

Language Arts

5 Essential Pre-Reading Skills
This is not a curriculum, but I include it here because it's just such a good place to start before formally teaching your child to read.   It helps you know if you're child is ready and if they aren't, give you some practical ways you can help them get ready. 

Charlotte Mason Reading How To
Pre-School to age 6 or 7 Aproximately.   This isn't so much a curriculum as an instruction guide on how to teach reading in the early years (followed by some suggested resources, some free, some not).  Could be used with any readers, or children's books.

Progressive Phonics
Early through Intermediate Literacy Stages - This program teaches reading and handwriting (the handwriting is a similar style as Handwriting Without Tears).   I've used the phonics readers from intermediate on and love them.

Open Source Phonics
Free phonics lessons aimed at parents (so with very good explanations about how to teach the lessons)  and reading passages (they don't seem to have pictures...some seem very good for older kids) and some other resources.

The Good and the Beautiful
Levels 1-5 (1st through 5th grade) are available for free in downloadible form.  You click on the numbers at the bottom of the description of the printed math books, which are not free, and you can find the free curriculum.  These are complete language arts curriculum, covering phonics, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, literature and writing.  (Non-denominational Christian)

Spel-lang Tree
A phonics based reading and spelling curriculum (designed for the classroom but can be used for homeschool)

Alpha Phonics
A beginning phonics program.  It can be purchased printed, but there is also free materials later on (I'm not sure if they are the exact same as the printed version but they might be.   They do seem to be complete with both a printable workbook/readers and lesson guide.

Word Mastery
Grades KG-2.  A free phonics based curriculum from the 1900s.   It is designed for classroom teachers but looks very easy to use in homeschooling as well.

Phonics Instruction Freebies by Teacher Training for Students With Neurodiversity
This is a slowly growing list of instructional PDFs to help teachers and parents teach phonics to learn to read and spell (to all kids, not just kids with special needs).   It is not yet a complete phonics program but is a good start.   It may be more complete later (they seem to be adding levels slowly).  

Various Free Phonics Lessons

This list has so many free phonics programs I decided to just link to it in stead of copying them here.   LOTS to choose from.

Sight and Sound Reading and Handwriting
Pre-K - K.  Free beginning reading and handwriting (manuscript...ie, ball and stick).

Listen, Write and Read
Early Literacy Stages - A progressive curriculum to improve reading and writing with a focus on sight words. 

Online reading program.  I've heard there's an app too.  We used this years ago with our kids and it was great.

Teach Your Monster to Read
Online reading program.

Teach Your Preschooler to Read
and  Reading Instruction and Phonics by Stephen Parker.  The first is a free online book about why to teach Phonics and the second shows how. 

Syllables Spell Success
A reading a spelling curriculum.   Its a Christian curriculum but can be used in a secular way.

Free online grammar lessons...graded for you. 

Daily Grammar Lessons
Roughly 3rd Grade and Up - 100s of daily short grammar lessons.

Spelling Solutions 1
For All Ages.  Spelling Solutions teaches students how to spell the  250 most commonly used words in the English language using a process described by Charlotte Mason in the early 1900's using "mind photography."

Wordly Ways
Grades 8th - 12th.  Free literature and composition curriculum.   Includes World and American literature.

National Novel Writing Month - Various
There are various lesson plans and free printable resources for NaNoWriMo, most of them month long, which you can find at the link above.

9 Week Unit Study on Emily Dickenson
Unsure of grade level, but looks like middle/high school.

Beatrix Potter 9 Week Unit Study

Free Poetry Pack

Poetry Unit Study Guide
Free guide with links to poems and instructions on how to discuss poems and other activities to do.


Adventure Tales American History 
(Plus State History for California & Arkansas)
Graphical US history books (available online and as pdfs).  Volume I covers Exploration through the Civil War and comes with a teacher's guide, activity pages, and audio files.   Volume II covers the Guilded Age through the Depression, and comes with a teacher's guide.  There are other supplementary books going into more detail on various aspects and people from American history.

Free Multi-Age History Curriculum by Field of Daisys
All Ages.   A literature based Christian curriculum covering Ancient times through the Middle Ages. 

Big History Project
For Middle and High School Students.  A common core aligned video based social studies program.  You can register as a teacher or use their public course...both to my knowledge are free, though I'm not sure what the difference between the two are .

Myths, Maps and Marvels
A free history curriculum, but it does use some resources that are not free (unless you can find them in your local library).

Reading Like a Historian
A stanford history project using primary sources to teach kids how to teach students to read like a Historian.   Looks aimed at High School Age.

Marion Brady - Investigating World & American History
For 5th through 12th grade.  This program is designed to teach critical thinking skills more than to teach history.  As such, it doesn't attempt to cover history completely, but does cover the historical subjects it touches on DEEPLY.  It is intended for classroom use but could be adjusted for homeschool use.

CK-12:  US and World History Sourcebook
Covers history from Colonial Time to WWI, and World History from Ancient to Modern Times.

You-Tube Through Ancient History
(Middle School/High School).  This video list I put together could be used as a spine for ancient history with some additions.  There are some worksheet suggestions added but apart from that not much in way of assignments. 

This Country of Ours, Part 1 by Henrietta Elizabeth MARSHALL
1917 Audio version of a 1917 History Book on US History.


Pirates Unit Study
14 page pirate pack with information and activities.  Subscription necessary for freebie.

Experiment With the Vikings
This free resource combines science and history, and touches on concepts in chemistry, biology, physics and more.   Contains both narrative and experiments.  It says its for primary to age 14, but some of the science concepts I think would be harder for younger students, and I think could certainly be used with students older than 14.

Asia - It's People and History (Limited Time)
Unit study, over 100 pages.  If I remember right this is a Christian resource.    This has been offered free before but I believe it's only free for a limited time now.

Geography and Culture

Elementary Geography by Charlotte Mason
A beautifully written geography book...seriously, gorgeous wording.   It was written sometime before 1923, but the topics work today with a little tweaking (For instance, in her description of the planets, she says "As each one keeps at a regular distance form the sun all through its journey, the more distant the planet is, the longer is the time it takes to finish its course."  We now know that some planets have eliptical orbits so this is not completely true. )

Home Geography by C.C. Long, PhD
This book was originally published in 1894 as an instruction book for teachers, but the lessons I read seemed easily adaptable for today, and some of them actually very kinesthetic (something I didn't expect as much in lesson plans from the 1800s.)

Marion Brady - Investigating World Cultures
Junior High - High School - A study of world cultures focused not so much on specific cultures but on how culture works and can be understood using a systems approach.  It was intended for classroom use but probably can be adapted for homeschool.

Free Geography Curriculum List
This list includes some of the resources here (but not all of them), and some that aren't here.

Project Explore
Videos (and corresponding lessons) on various world cultures.

Lego Travel Adventures Unit Study
Ages 6 - 8.  I debated over whether to include this here or in Unit Studies, but this does cover quite a bit of geography (as well as some other non-related things) and while it's not even close to being comprehensive, for the age group it's a good geography introduction.

Monthly Free Country Unit Study from Knowledge Quest
Every month they give away a different free unit study to subscribers.

Asia - It's People and History (Limited Time)
Unit study, over 100 pages.  If I remember right this is a Christian resource.    This has been offered free before but I believe it's only free for a limited time now.

Africa Unit Study
A unit study I designed meant to take about a week.   While it does use some books, most of the books are available in the Free Online Library. 


The Good and the Beautiful
Levels 1-5 (1st through 5th grade) are available for free in downloadible form (you click on the numbers at the bottom of the description of the printed math books, which are not free, and you can find the free curriculum).  These are complete math curriculum and are the same as their printed material, but in downloadable.    (Non-denominational Christian)

Kahn Academy (online lessons)
K - College.   Videos and online practice problems for various subject including math.  I mentioned it in the "All Subjects" because there are various subjects there, but math is by far the most well developed.

Free Math Programs
This is more of an index of free math programs....including some I don't have here.  Yes, I'm being lazy and just posting this--but they've gone to a lot of trouble of linking to the specific parts that cover math in some "all over programs" as well as programs that just do math.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme
K - 6th - British  mathmatics program (thus, the spelling above).

I Hate Mathematics Book
Free pdf of a Marilyn Burns book with creative math activities, especially for kids who don't like math.



McGraw Hill Science California
Grades 1 - 6.  Textbook, reading and writing in science, and activity book.

ACS Inquiry In Motion (Study of Matter)
Downloadable book for grades 3-8 with lesson plans for the study of matter (and the scientific process).  Designed for classroom teachers but seems adaptable to homeschool use. Very complete resource.

Life Science Curriculum
Elementary - 36 week life science curriculum.   Includes text, worksheets and activities (see parent resources).

Marine Biology
Grades K-8.  (NOTE:   Only the printable version of this is free.   On the site you will see a price for the printed book, but underneath you will see a text box with "How to Get Your Free Download." ).   This is a religious curriculum put out by a Latter Day Saints organization.

Science Unit Studies and Lesson Plans
A whole other list full of more free science Unit Studies and Lesson Plans.    

ACS Middle School Chemistry
Lesson plans covering matter (solids, liquids and gasses), changes of state, density, the periodic table and bonding, water molecules and dissolving, and chemical change.  This seems very complete, and while designed for classroom use seems adaptable for homeschool.  If you are attempting to match your State Standards, you can use their widget to determine which standards these lessons apply to.

Thunderbolt Kids Science
Grades 4 - 6.   A free science program by a foundation in South Africa, with online resources, including experiments and activities, and free printable workbooks.
Guest Hollow - Biology Textbook
High school - A Christian biology textbook including a Bible study covering creationist views with a list of FREE high quality books you can access online.

High school astronomy curriculum using free material found online (designed from a Texas Astronomy textbook).

 - 1 Week to Several Months Long
(Also see "More Unit Studies" section at the end of this page)

Experiment With the Vikings
Elementary  - Age 14 (see note).  This free resource combines science and history, and touches on concepts in chemistry, biology, physics and more.   Contains both narrative and experiments, in 47 lessons.  NOTE:  It says its for primary to age 14, but some of the science concepts I think would be harder for younger students, and I think could certainly be used with students older than 14.

Caves Unit Study
Elementary - A 13 - 15 day study  I designed when my son was 7, but I've included resources for older kids as well that I found along the way.   It was designed around a trip to a local cave using the book "Caves" by Donald Silver (which we had at our library) but you can use a lot of it without the book (but the book is great, so if you can swing it, I suggest using it.)  It has daily activities, videos, crafts, ect.

Geology Kitchen
Geology Kitchen is a twelve episode online video series that uses food metaphors to explain earth science concepts in a fun and entertaining way.
Hurricane Unit Study
Short unit study meant to be centered around following an actual Hurricane.

Learning About Planets Unit Study
Grades 1-6

Metals Unit Study by Hands of a Child
Grades 4 - 10.  Includes a 6-day Planning Guide, Related Reading, 15 Hands-On Activities,  a 9-page Research Guide, and Answer Key.  Students will be introduced to the properties of metal, the periodic table, types of metals, key regions where metals are found, mining for metal, recycling, and more.

NIH Lesson Plans
The National Institute of Health has various free lesson plans for various health related subjects (mostly for high school and middle school, but there is one unit for elementary students.  Some of the lesson plans would last a week or more.


Calvary Bible Curriculum
Separate detailed Bible studies for ages 3-KG (56 lessons) and grades 1st - 6th (325 lessons).  

The Biblical Feasts
E-book about the feasts talked about in the Bible

Foreign Language

Completely free online/app platform for learning a language.

Initially free online/app platform for learning a language.  There are extra services you can purchase (and it may only be the beginning lessons that are free...but I haven't gotten far enough to tell).

Buena Gente
Learn Spanish with this video series.   The videos are entirely in Spanish, but have a feature where you can turn on sub-titles, and there is supplementary materials to help you learn the words in the videos.  


Teatime With Sally
Weekly bite sized art lessons delivered to your inbox (starts in October 2019)

Redemptive Artistry
Elementary - 13 Free step-by-step lessons that progresses from basic techniques to art projects inspired by famous artists.


Middle School/High School - a complete 20 unit curriculum

MORE FREE Unit Studies and Lapbooks
While I do list a few under topics listed above,  I'm not attempting to list all the unit studies out there on this page, as you can find hundreds on nearly any subject you can think of.     Since there are many already collected on the sites below, I'll just send you to those sites to browse.

Stone Soup Homeschool Resources - Unit Study List

Ultimate List of Unit Study Resources (May include some paid ones too)

Homeschool Share

Gypsy Road Unit Studies

Ellen Fun Learning

Oklahoma Homeschool

Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies

Homeschool Helper

3 Boys and a Dog Free Unit Study List

Currclick (mostly paid ones but some free.)

Teachers Pay Teachers (mostly paid ones but some free)

While lapbooks can sometimes be supplemental some can be used as a complete study, including text to complement the laptop building (the completeness of the lapbooks on the following sites may vary).

Ultimate List of Free Lapbooks For Every Subject

Free Homeschool Lapbooks

Just including this graphic to make this easier to post on linky lists, like the Frugal Mommas Linky and  Penny Pinching Party 
and  the homeschool linkies you'll find here.

Another good Free Curriculum List 
And Another 
And Another 

If you know of any other free curriculum resources that you think should be shared here, please leave me a note in the comments (unit study size or longer only, thanks).

New Items update list (so I know when to remove the "new" tag)
New items keep their tags for around 3 months before not being "new" anymore. 

Spell-lang Tree - February 2022
Fly Leaf Decodables - March 2022
Open Source Phonics - April 2022


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