Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Story of the World Bible Integration: Old Testament

As we are Christians, I wanted to teach more of the Bible stories than were included in Story of the World.  I thought teaching them alongside the history would be helpful to give context to the stories.   It was hard to know where to place some of the stories, as placing some of these precisely in history is not possible.   I'm not attempting to list all the stories here, just most of the major ones. I will list only the chapter EXCEPT where it makes sense to insert the Bible stories between sub-chapters.  Here's the order for our Old Testament reading...I will post a New Testament chronology later.


SOTW Introduction:  How Do We Know What Happened

Creation Story
Adam and Eve
Cane and Able

Ch 1 - The Earliest People

Noahs Ark

Ch 2 - Egyptians Live on the Nile River

Ch 3 -  The First Writing

Tower of Babel
(Also goes nicely around Chap 5)

Ch 4 -  The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Ch 5 -  The First Sumerian Dictator

Ch 6 - The Jewish People

God Speaks to Abraham

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Joseph Goes to Egypt

The longer story of Joseph
(the SOTW version skips some parts)

Ch 7 - Hammurabi and the Babylonians

(Comparing Hammurabi's code to the 10 Commandments can go here,
even though the 10 Commandments Come Later)

Ch 8 - The Assyrians 

(Job is hard to date but considered very old...could go anywhere really.  There was space here.)

Ch 9 - India (River Valley People)

Ch 10 - Ancient China

Ch 11 - Ancient Africa

Ch 12 - Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Ch 13 - New Kingdom of Egypt

Ch 14 - Isrealites Leave Egypt

Isreal in the Wilderness
10 Commandments
Walls of Jericho
Isreal Enters Promise Land (Joshua)

Ch 15 - The Phonicians

Ruth (could be put anywhere after David/Solomon)
Story of Namaan

Ch 16 - The Return of Assyria


Ch 17 - Babylon Takes Over Again

For this one, some of the Bible stories take place mid-chapter, so...

Nebuchadnezzar's Madness - Paragraph 1 - 3

Daniel Captured/Eating Restrictions
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Nebuchadnezzar's Madness - Paragraph 4 to End

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

NOTE ABOUT CHAPTER ORDER:  At this point, we decided to skip ahead to Chap 21, so I could do the whole story of Daniel in one place, then go back and read all the chapters on the Greeks.  That also makes it easy to do all the rest of the Old Testament stories before starting Ancient Greece.  But you wouldn't have to do that.   All the chapters I skipped to do later are grayed out below.

Ch 18: Life in Early Crete

Ch 19: The Early Greeks

Ch 20: Greece Gets Civilized Again
Daniel and Beltshazar - Writing on the Wall

Ch 21: The Medes and the Persians

 Daniel and the Lions Den
(Note, who "King Darius" is debated, but it's thought
that Cyrus the great put people over areas of his kingdom,
and that King Darius was who he placed over Babylon)

Rebuilding of Jerusalem (described in Nehemiah)

That's the end of the Old Testament stories, but between the old  and new testament, Alexander the Great took over the area where Isreal was.  He gave them a lot of freedom to practice their religion, but one of the Seleucids did not, and oppressed the Jews greatly (The Seleucids were descendants of Seleucus, of the four generals who ruled the areas conquered by Alexander the Great after his death).   This lead to the Maccabean revolt, which made Isreal an independant nation for a few hundred years.  The story of Hanukkah directly relates to this.   If you want to add some study of this a good place to do it is after Chapter 25.


  1. I just did this same thing recently -- wanting to line up these books with Biblical accounts!

    1. Just curious...did your stories end up in about the same place as mine. I still need to do this for New Testament...we're getting close on that.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS!! :) I am printing this out now to keep on hand!

  3. I was just about to try to figure this out myself - thanks so much for sharing your work! Super helpful!